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The Music Diet • A Rock and Roll Guide to Staying Alive.


Julia Jones (aka Doctor Rock) has written a fantastic new book The Music Diet.

Doctor Rock- aka Dr. Julia Jones- is an inspirational academic who has published a new book called The Music Diet. She is evangelical about the power of music to aid physical and mental wellbeing and has worked with the NHS on their Dementia Policy. Its an unusual one but she is a razor sharp, Triumph-riding, leather jacket-clad cool rock chick and not your normal academic!

She  been prescribing music for personal health and business health for over 20 years. She encourages everyone to acknowledge the scientific evidence and consume some music every day as part of their daily diet for good health.

•  As a professional Sport & Exercise Psychologist she worked with Olympic Squads in the 1990s using music to assist with their anxiety control, motivation, self- confidence and sleep

•  Julia has continued using those same neuroscience principles to help clients in the private and public sectors use music to connect with customers, drive motivation, achieve peak performance, cope with stress, lose weight, improve fitness, maintain brain health, boost social health and improve sleep quality

•  She launched the first GP Referral programme in the South East in the 1990s, encouraging GPs to refer patients to local exercise to music classes

•  Her MSc research identified the effects of music synchronization on physical endurance and laid the foundation for decades of research that followed it

•  Her PhD research examined music taste and highlighted how the lifelong connection with the music of our youth can be harnessed in later life, especially in the treatment and prevention of cognitive illnesses (such as dementia and Parkinson’s Disease) and to combat loneliness

•  She launched the consulting practice Found in Music in 2003 to help brands use music experiences to connect with customers. Found in Music is now a leading specialist in the use of music in customer experience. Clients include the Mayor of London, Gibson Guitars, Network Rail, Saga, Southeastern, Wembley Park, Battersea Power Station, Tower Hamlets Local Authority, City of London, Transport for London


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Recent Work 

•  Found in Music’s new Employee Wellbeing service was announced at SXSW in March 2019 and aims to drive workplace transformation to improve the employee experience

•  Julia launched an inquiry at the House of Lords chaired by Lord Clement-Jones examining the 360- degree value of music in society from public health to economic development

•  Julia wrote the music strategy for the NHS’ first Dementia Village opening in 2019

•  She has recently asked PRS for Music and Matt Hancock MP (Secretary of State for Health & Social Care) to explore the possibility of the Dept for Health buying a single annual blanket licence to make it easier for all NHS hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes to use music as standard practice. This new licence is currently being priced up

•  Julia sits on the Education Task Force for the All Party Parliamentary Group for AI, championing the importance of creativity (a futureproof skill where humans excel) in education curriculums

•  She presented her music and health work at the United Nations’ World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur in 2018 and at Music Cities Convention in Chengdu in 2019

•  Julia’s first music and health book titled ‘The Music Diet’ will be available in 2019 and shows how to embed music into daily lifestyles and workplaces to reap health benefits


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Qualification, Positions & Publications 

  • •  Julia has a BA (Hons) and MSc in Sport & Exercise Sciences, an MBA, a PhD and a range of coaching qualifications. Her work has been published in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Sciences, in trade and consumer publications and featured on TV and radio
  • •  She is a Trustee of Young Voices Concerts (the largest schools’ choir in the world), was former Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Creative Industries at Canterbury Christ Church University and
    now sits on a number of Boards and Committees including the London Music Board (Greater London Authority), Musical Walkabout (a music and dementia CIC) and the BBC Music Day Steering Committee

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