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Empowering leaders and teams to reach The Pinnacle of Presence

Executive coach and consultant Sheila Wherry has worked with leaders across many sectors to improve their ability to work effectively with others to produce results. In her new book, she describes how they have moved from being stuck or overwhelmed to being empowered to release their own potential, and the potential of their teams. Seeing these transformations, the Sydney-based coach was galvanised to outline the steps she’d seen work again and again. She does this in her new book in order to support the reader in the same way she has supported her clients.

Wherry explains that the central piece of work that successful leaders do is to build their capacity to connect – with themselves and others. She sees this as essential because connection is the key to cultivating relationships and relationships are the key to collaboration. Finally, collaboration is fundamental if you want successful results in today’s world of work.

Wherry’s central thesis is that you can’t bypass relationships and collaboration to get to results. Or, at least, not results that are sustainable in the long-term. She says that this takes practice and it takes a process. Her process is the Pinnacle of Presence framework. She knows that presence can be a nebulous term and mean different things to different people. However, the main thing that people agree on is that leaders need it.

In the book, Wherry expands the concept of presence into three distinct domains:

  • Inner Presence – building inner confidence and calm
  • Leadership Presence – developing credibility and connection
  • Team Presence – cultivating creativity and collaboration

The book takes the reader through a process that supports them in each of these domains, with the aim of empowering them to find new ways to manage the challenges of modern leadership.

“The Pinnacle of Presence: How great leaders connect, instil trust & get the right results” by Sheila Wherry is available globally through the EI Executive site: HERE and all major online book retailers.

About the author:

Sheila Wherry is a leading executive coach and consultant with over 30 years’ experience across international sales management, coaching and consulting in Asia-Pacific, the US and Europe. A PCC-credentialed coach of the International Coaching Federation, she has taught MBA-level strategic leadership classes as well as organisational behaviour and conflict management at universities.

Working with a diverse range of leaders across a variety of sectors has cemented her belief that the fundamental aspect of success and happiness is human connection, regardless of the leadership role. As the foundation of her work, she has used this belief to create the Pinnacle of Presence, a framework that empowers leaders to harness their potential, and the potential of their teams.

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