The Secret to Achieving your Goals


The Secret to Achieving your Goals

How are you with goal setting?

Do you set big hairy audacious goals, or are yours small and manageable?

Are your goals always the same, meaning that you never achieve them?

Or maybe you are waiting to be stronger, smarter, more beautiful, even fitter or slimmer before you can set that goal.

I’d like to share with you the secret to setting and achieving your goals. It is to be dedicated to a cause greater than yourself.

Here’s an example from my experience:

When I was at school I was a poor long distance runner, I was the girl second to last red faced and panting, the girl in last place had serious health issues, sadly I had no excuse! I just didn’t have the stamina and as a result whenever the teacher announced cross-country was our physical education lesson; I would try and think of reasons to get out of it.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and I have trained and completed the Great North Run, a half marathon full of steep hills. What made me complete it was the fact that I was raising money for Cancer Research, I had taken sponsorship from many people, my family had come to support me and I was part of a team that I didn’t want to let down.

The running success, I say success because I was no where near last like school days, was a side–effect of my dedication to a cause greater than myself.

Now you know the secret, you need to find the cause greater than yourself that will give you the motivation and self-discipline to achieve your goals.  This can be the most difficult part. Family, saving the planet, supporting those less fortunate might resonate with you or is there is another cause close to your heart? Search for it and inextricably connect it with your goal.

If you want to lose weight and get fit, you could link it with your need to be around to attend your child’s wedding when they grow up, or to not leaving your partner alone prematurely.

If you want to get promoted, you could connect it with improving the lives of those you will manage in the new role.

If you want to start a business, you could associate it with a mission to improve the world in some way.

This cause greater than yourself must be real and personal for you, you can’t take on someone else’s cause and truly own it.  Spend some time considering your values, your passions, what’s important to you.  If everything was taken away from you, what would keep you going, what would be your cause. That is the heart of your success.


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