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The Side Room is a members club for Women in London!! They offer Pop up cultural events for women to meet, share ideas, knowledge, experiences and meet and socialise with women from various sectors.

Gone are days of yesteryear, when women were not allowed to be part of or frequent members clubs, traditionally they were “men only”. Historically, such establishments globally housed men with cognacs and cigars in hand; networking, socialising supporting one another in business and/or life. Fast forward to 2017 and we have …… The Side Room!! Minus the cigars and cognacs, but an environment to encourage, support, impart and share information and knowledge. By women for women!! Sounds like an inspirational evening to me!!

Membership is free and although men cannot be members they are more than welcome to go along to their events as guests of women attending.


So The Side Room is a members club for women unlike any other. As a member you enjoy pop-up events that take you to unexpected venues to meet, listen, learn, taste, explore. Each event is unique with limited tickets available. From gin tasting to debates; exclusive curated after hours museum events to TED speakers, you’ll never leave without trying something different and meeting someone new.

The Event

Their next event is on Monday January 30 and is in collaboration with Women in Social Finance entitled Helping Women Move Mountains. They have 3 female speakers and they will showcase their experiences of helping women and girls around the globe – by investing Social Finance – to move their own mountains be it by becoming entrepreneurs, etc.This evening will showcase stories of women who have built their faith in women’s ability to move mountains. Our three speakers, who are women involved in social entrepreneurship and social finance, will explain how they use common sense, money and connections to build influence and make the world a better place for women and girls; with women and girls.

Sound like something for you? Want to attend this event or find out more about The Side Room and future events?


“Helping Women Move Mountains” event is on January 30th

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