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A quintessential strategy guide for producers who want to show their movies at film festivals has been released as an audiobook by renowned industry expert The Film Festival Doctor.

The Ultimate Film Festival Strategy Guide offers insider advice and expert tips to filmmakers hoping to give their films the best possible exposure.
 Rebekah Louisa Smith- aka the Film Festival Doctor- has helped hundreds of pictures scoop over 650 awards with her bespoke consultancy services over more than a decade.


If so, this audio book is for you…

The Ultimate Film Festival Strategy Guide will tell you how to create success on the festival circuit by approaching the process differently.

It also covers festival deliverables, marketing, PR, networking and how to maintain and nurture new professional relationships. This audiobook also comes with an exclusive special deal and gift upon purchasing.

The unique guide- narrated by Rebekah herself- is divided into 12 clear and concise chapters helping producers to create a comprehensive and focused festival strategy.
There are now more than 4,000 festivals around the globe each year and many producers find it a difficult world to navigate.

Rebekah says:

“This guide is a bible for film makers. I am letting them into some industry secrets that I have learnt having worked in film festivals for many years. It will teach producers to think outside of the box, including different ways to submit their films to festivals instead of relying upon the traditional methods.

“It also takes into account deliverables, marketing, PR, networking and how to maintain and nurture new professional relationships.
“My goal is to help filmmakers expand their knowledge on film festivals, film distribution and for them to know exactly what to do and have all of the right components in place to create their own festival strategy. There are so many festivals now that it isn’t always easy to choose the correct one for your film and then execute a plan and gain big exposure. This audiobook changes all that.”

The audiobook is the first of its kind in the industry and is the latest addition to The Film Festival Doctor’s online shop.
Those who purchase the audiobook are also entitled to exclusive special deals on all of the Film Festival Doctor’s services.
A podcast will also be launched around the audiobook focusing on key chapters and with expert interviews.


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