The Ultimate Gift Guide


The Ultimate Gift Guide

By Claire Hastings

Don’t worry, there isn’t any holiday that is approaching. But, we are going to take a lucky guess and say that you have probably forgotten about a b-day, anniversary or something similar that is approaching, right? And you are probably super tired of articles about those themed gifts that are only appropriate for specific holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s. Well, in the sea of similar articles, you have finally found mine: the ultimate gift guide for all possible occasions – all in one place.

A significant other

It doesn’t matter whether you are reading this shortly before Christmas or your anniversary, all of these are perfectly appropriate for every single one.

A Suitcase


Suitcases are something we rarely need and don’t have a habit buying. So getting your significant other a suitcase is a great idea. Make sure that it is big enough to be used for various trips, from business trips, all the way to your romantic vacations.


You can simply never go wrong with things that are useful and pretty such as wallets, watches, arm-cuffs or ties. Those simple daily things represent the most popular gifts.  Whenever your partner puts on his new watch before going to work, he will instantly think of you. Also, if they are into jewelry, you can get them a nice ring or a pendant for a necklace and have it engraved to make it extra personal.  

A Robe

There is nothing more luxurious and sexy than a robe. For women, the best solution is a pink silk robe which falls just below her knees. For a male, the best solution would be a classic white or navy blue terry cloth robe, or black (or red) velour one. You can even have them embroidered, just to add your personal touch.


If you two love birds are a little bit on a hedonist side, there is no better gift than a spa day for two! Especially now, when countless spas are offering various couple deals like rent-a-spa, where you basically get an entire spa to yourselves. Of course, massages, food and champagne are included (wink).

A New Mattress


This option is aimed more at married couples. And what do you mean by: who would possibly buy a mattress for a holiday/anniversary? Uh, excuse me, but is there anything better than a gift that will serve both of you for many years? You will fall in love again and again every time you fall asleep.


And of course, the signature couple gift. A person can never have enough perfumes. Get your partner something that you like, since you are the one who will be smelling them the most, but also suits their style. For example, if they always put on “sugary” and strong perfumes, find something similar and pack it up nicely.

Family member

A Set of Books


If your family member is a bookworm, you will have the easiest time finding the gift for them. Many book stores now have Book of the month subscription gift cards. The store presents few best books every month by the best-selling authors, and they can choose which one to get. It is also practical because you won’t be in that awkward situation when you don’t know whether they’ve already read the book you gave them.

A Bottle of a Strong Alcoholic Drink

Does your dad enjoy a nice Sunday evening with a glass of Bourbon in his left hand and a cigar in the right? If the answer is yes, trust me that there is nothing he will love more than a high-quality bottle of his favorite drink. Tie a pack of cigars to it with a nice ribbon and voila!

A Bike


There is nothing better than embracing exercise, especially among your family members. Make your brother/sister happy with a brand new bike so they can cruise around and live a healthy life.

Moving in


Finding a good moving-in gift can be a little bit tricky. There is too much stress about whether your friend/cousin will like it or not. It is important that you give unique gifts from the heart, so let’s see some:

  • A toolbox – something they will definitely need
  • A personalized cutting board
  • A massive and actually helpful cooking book
  • A good looking fire extinguisher – of course, we hope that they will never use it
  • A personalized basket
  • A potted plant



Graduation is an important part of every person’s life. Their childhood is now over and they are entering the world of adults. With these cool gifts you can help them start the right way.

  • A big amount of money, but in quarters – of course that money is the best gift for a youngster. But it gets way cooler when you deliver it in a funny way. Also, if they are going to a big city after their graduation, they’ll be more than thankful to be armed with a stash of quarters (washers, dryers, drinking games etc.)
  • Flower bouquet and a gift card from their favorite store
  • Unlimited-ride metro card
  • Cards against humanity game
  • Automatic coffee brewer – you’ll save them so much time and money
  • Their own Netflix account
  • A GoPro

That would be it – the ultimate gift list for every possible occasion. I hope I helped!

By Claire Hastings

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