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‘Thread’ at The Hope Theatre

The XV Theatre Company performed ‘Thread’ by Freya Alderson at the ever-charming venue ‘The Hope Theatre’. The play, directed by Veronica Quilligan, presents several interesting, relevant and challenging concepts.

Initially, the audience is presented with the character Peter Gibson, who once won Best Director at the Oscars, and has Alzheimer’s disease and struggles to remember his daughter’s names. We empathise with him and feel sorry for both him and his family who obviously love him very much. Later, a sexual assault allegation against Peter completely divides the family. There is social media influencer Margo who immediately believes the allegation and her half-sister, actress Vivian, who immediately disbelieves the allegation. In a world where social media immediately condemns some and gives others a platform to voice injustice, what are the audience left to think?

As the play progresses, the audience learns more about each character and we come to our own conclusions. Ultimately, we do find out what happened.  The reversal of the Peter from victim to possible perpetrator acted as a stark reminder; what you see isn’t always what you get.

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I found the play quite engaging and whether their character was right or not, I rejoiced at seeing such strong-minded female characters. Both actresses had a difficult task, but I found myself marvelling how they performed in such a realistic way.

I think this play is important and thought provoking. It discusses the abuse of power. I would have loved to have seen the actress’ that accused Peter Gibson’s viewpoint as well. One of my peak moments of frustration was when Vivian confided in another character about how a producer had made her uncomfortable and they said that they would have a word with the producer basically apologising for her and said that they would explain that it must have been her ‘time of the month’. Vivian, at one point, echoes her father’s earlier statement that “If a male is trying to sleep with you, just say no.” At times, I wanted to shout objections as some of the dialogue of the characters. It begins a discussion into what is and not okay in the industry and how complicated it can be for victims of sexual misconduct to come forward.

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Reviewed by Ciara Kelleher

Ciara is an Irish actress, writer and presenter. She completed a BA in International Business in Ireland before moving to London to pursue acting. She has previously published an article with Concern and lived in Luxembourg and South Carolina. She completed the Advanced Intensive Acting Diploma at the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting and has taken on roles such as Queen Margaret, Hazel in ‘Mourning Becomes Electra’ and Cassandra in ‘Women of Troy’ and has written for Radio HaHa!

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