Tiny Tweaks to Make Your Apartment Instantly Chic

Decorating your apartment is never easy because you have to fit in so many different elements into a small space. In order to achieve that, you’ll need to think carefully about the design you want to implement into your new home and plan everything ahead. Chic interiors are always the best and the safest choice because they have all the elements you need, no matter how big your living space is. This style is also what any girl would like in her apartment, especially because you can turn it into the sophisticated design, make it more boho, or simply play with details and create a simple and clean design.


Start with colors

Every design starts with colors and this is the first choice you’ll have to make in order to create the base for your design. There are two options for you and your final choice depends mostly on your personality. If you don’t like experimenting and making bold decisions, you need to focus on earthy tones and play with soft pastel colors. This will allow you to focus more on the lines of your furniture and focus your attention mainly on that. On the other hand, if you’re a bit more adventurous, you can play with details in some vibrant colors which will make them stand out and show your personal style.


Unique decoration

Whether you like DIY projects or not, these additions are a great way to boost the design of any room and your living space will look much better with some unique pieces. If you have old bottles, you can easily turn them into unique vases with a splash of color or a decoupage project. Apart from that, you can write some inspirational quotes, make them a centerpiece of your coffee table and use them as a way to always stay inspired. Also, you can create unique wall stickers that will accentuate a small part of your wall or even create an accent wall. This will break the design a bit and allow you to show off your artistic side.


An entertainment area

There’s nothing better than organizing a movie night in your freshly renovated apartment and if you want to create a chic entertainment area, there are few things you need to do. To really accentuate this space, just add an interesting lamp that will be a great source of lighting. When it comes to setting up your TV, you can use those sturdy TV wall mounts to save more space and have a cleaner look. To add some chic and rustic style into this, add wooden boards behind your TV and then just focus on those little details you can add. Also, shelves are a great way to have some additional storage space, but also create more space for details like word signs, fresh flowers or decoration.


Add some coziness

The chic design revolves around coziness and feeling relaxed in your own home. In order to achieve that, you need to start from your seating arrangement and choose your furniture carefully. Since you won’t have that much space in your apartment, the best way to go is to opt for a sofa and a few chairs that will round up the design. Apart from that, ottomans are a great way to add some versatility to your furniture because they can serve as seating option, but also a place where you can put your food tray when you’re having a party. To really add some relaxing elements into your apartment, you can play with different types of fabrics that will create depth in your interior. Start with a great rug which can be a centerpiece of your living room, or even go for a few smaller ones just to create a more sophisticated look. Apart from that, add different pillows made out of soft materials and a small blanket you can leave on top of your sofa.


There’s nothing more relaxing and soothing than chic design that can make your home look like a home you see on magazine covers. If you follow these easy steps, you can turn it into a chill zone that will allow you to relax and create some of the best memories of your life.

By Emma Joyce

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