Tips and Tricks on How to Create Your Own Private Home Retreat

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If your workplace and the street seem stressful as if a proper war (of words) is being fought, then you need a basecamp, much like a real soldier. Once the front door of your home closes behind you, all that noise stays outside as you enter the peace and quiet of your home. This is by far the best retreat your body and mind can ever have and the interior design should reflect this tranquility. That is why you can always do something to increase the level of privacy and the overall comfort of your home, even if that were a simple clean-up or decluttering.

In fact, there are numerous tips and tricks that might not transform your house into one of those affluent residences up in Chelsea but you will achieve the same level on luxury from the inside, both of your house and your mind. Since the house is the place where we spend most of our free time, we need to feel comfortable inside it by creating an imaginary bulwark of design features to protect us against the chaos outside. If you are unsure where to start turning your home into a shrine of peace, do read on.

A treasure trove of words

Tips-Tricks-How-to-Create Your-Own-Private-Home-Retreat-sarah-smith-thoselondonchicks

One of your favorite leisure activities has to be reading, so you are bound to own a collection of novels or poetry books that you have either bought or rented from a public library. In terms of design, you should strive to group everything that is of sentimental value to you, so you could create a corner in the house that you would associate with relaxation. A bookshelf can be placed next to the armchair in the living room, so all the books you like will be at a hand’s reach. You will literally rush home from work to take off your shoes and just sit back in the comfy chair perusing the pages of your favorite magazine.

Framing feelings

Tips-Tricks-How-to-Create Your-Own-Private-Home-Retreat-sarah-smith-thoselondonchicks

Artwork on walls, tables and the mantelpiece is nice but there is one group of images that are more important than others to display. You probably have tons of pictures with your husband, children or parents in your mobile phone, so why not have them printed and framed. They could be placed all over the house as tokens of mutual appreciation of all the family members and they will constantly remind you that you are not alone. After all, bare walls of a house cannot convey love; only your dearest ones can turn a house into a home (retreat).

Renovating the bathroom

Tips-Tricks-How-to-Create Your-Own-Private-Home-Retreat-sarah-smith-thoselondonchicks

If you thought that the living room is the only room inside the house built for comfort, you were wrong. The bathroom could serve the same purpose but the truth is, not many bathrooms are created with relaxation in mind. For instance, there is nothing soothing about a shower cabin whose main purpose is to enable a quick shower. Why not replace it with a bath, so you could soak yourself entirely and enjoy a bubble bath. In this sense, custom bathroom renovations are not a step too far, as you have to use all the resources at your disposal to turn the house into a safe haven. Can you imagine a better way to relax after a long and hard day at work than a bath with scented salts?

After all, you have many design tips and tricks that can help you with designing your small private bathroom sanctuary.

A touch of nature

Since you probably lack the opportunity to travel to the countryside at least for half a day, you can always incorporate natural elements in the décor of the house. If you own at least three houseplants, then they are the ideal hideaway for a little fountain that can be purchased at every DIY these days and it doesn’t cost much. Neatly tucked inside the greenery, it will emit the sound of water that will calm every sense and then the stress will slowly start to flow away, pun intended. The Thames cannot be heard running since long ago but you can create an alternative water source in the comfort of your home.

The kitchen area

Apart from the bathroom, there are steps you can take to improve the design of the kitchen as well. There are so many appliances today that simplify the food preparation process to the extent that you will no longer perceive preparing food as a chore but rather as a fun activity. Furthermore, a minimalistic kitchen with brightly painted walls and plenty of natural light is an interior design feature that you should strive for. Be sure to include as many of these ideas in the next kitchen renovation you decide to carry out.


Tips-Tricks-How-to-Create Your-Own-Private-Home-Retreat-sarah-smith-thoselondonchicks

It might seem like an obvious point to make but you would be surprised with how many people get overenthusiastic about improving the decor of their house before decluttering. Peace from within can never exist side by side with clutter, so before you pick up the phone to call the bathroom or kitchen renovators, be sure to put every single thing back where it belongs.

Even if you believe that the interior design of your house is suitable for relaxation, more can be done. If you are still unsure, for starters, try to introduce just some of the changes listed and you’ll notice how different you’ll feel the next time you arrive home from work.

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