Tips for an allergy free home


Dealing with allergies in the outside world is one thing, but  to deal with them inside your home is something you can have complete control over. Following some of these suggestions will help to keep your home allergy-free.

How to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Taking proactive steps to allergy-proof your home can noticeably minimize exposure to allergens as well as reduce common symptoms( and outside your house so that you and your loved ones can feel safe everywhere, no matter if it’s out in the backyard or sleeping in the bedroom. Some of the most important steps to take to do accomplish this are:

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●    Common Areas

The living room, dining room, and other places of your house where there’s activity most of the time can benefit noticeably by vacuuming carpets and floors regularly to get rid of dust mites and other allergens. Washing fabric window treatments and curtains weekly reduces the amount of buildup that can accumulate there. Chairs, sofas, dining tables and other places where your family eats are places that should get daily attention to prevent allergens from gathering.

●    Bedrooms

Humidity levels in the bathroom can cause these areas to be especially vulnerable to mold and mildew( Having the necessary ventilation such as an open window while taking a shower or the overhead ventilation fan on while using the bathroom can help considerably reduce the levels of humidity. Cleaning bathroom surfaces like the shower, tubs, floor, and toilet with disinfectant as often as possible as well as checking behind appliances and under the sink to make sure all plumbing is in good condition so it won’t cause a leaking problem.

●    The Backyard

Controlling allergens outside of your home is merely impossible but there are things that can be done to reduce the effect they have on you. For example, knowing if there are specific trees or other plants that trigger your allergies try to remove them from your backyard and trim your lawn( weekly, since allergies can get worse with tall grass. You can also make sure your kids change into clean clothing and wash their hands and clothes when they‘re done playing outside or if you have an outdoor pet(, clean them before they get back inside the house. Keeping allergens that are floating around in the outside world from getting inside your home is a little tricky but by making sure your windows and doors are closed when necessary you can mitigate the effects of seasonal allergies.

Taking these proactive steps and maintaining regular cleaning will help get through the season with less stress and your home a safer place to live in for your whole family. You can also always try natural remedies to lessen symptoms.

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