Tips on Making Your Move Less Stressful

Making a big change is never easy and the whole process is even harder if you throw in a few different stressful situations into the mix. When people decide to move, there’s so much to do and, if you fail to make plans, your stress level could go through the roof. Those first couple of days when you feel happy about the new space and making a positive change in your life pass quickly, and that’s when the hard work starts. Being able to overcome this tough time in life is sometimes more than you can handle, so having a checklist can help you to sail through the experience smoothly and finish everything on time.


Give yourself enough time

You can’t rush these things, especially if they’re stressful and you’re about to make a big change in your life. Take a step back and try to embrace this new period of life without worrying too much about every little detail. While it’s sometimes good to overthink every step of the process, try to relax, at least in the early stages.

Always keep in mind that once you start packing, all that stress and hard work will overpower you, so try to save some energy. Give yourself enough time to grasp saying goodbye to the old place and getting used to your new home. This is more difficult than you think and it could turn into a serious burden when the moving process begins.


Start small

Although packing everything in one day and moving it the next sounds amazing, it’s not such a great idea after all. Instead of that, start small by packing small items, organizing and labeling the boxes. Work your way towards creating a system and continue with fragile items that need to be transferred carefully.

Make sure you do something every day and call your friends and family to help you with packing. Turn this into a fun and exciting event, and make some food and drinks for everyone. In the end, label furniture and create an order by which you want the removalist to move it to your new home.


Don’t do everything on your own

If you’re stressed out, leave the work to someone else, and you’ll feel stress-free in a matter of seconds. In Australia, for example, more and more people are turning to removalist companies to move their belongings to their new home. This will allow you to handle all the paperwork you’ll have to deal with, both for your old and new house.

Many Aussies know that choosing the most reputable furniture removalist from Melbourne is the best way to transport your household with care. This is also the best way to prevent yourself and the family members from stressing over transporting everything on your own. Hiring someone may seem like spending more than you can afford, but this will actually save you money because professionals will do a much better job than you in the long run.


Think in advance

People often think about the packing, but only a few take unpacking at the new house into consideration. Before you even start packing your things, think about where you want to put them in your new home. Organize your boxes according to the rooms they belong in, and ask your removalist to put them in a certain place in your new house.

Label every box and write down the room, or, if you wish to go a step further, add a short description of all the items in the box. This will allow you to unpack quickly and start enjoying your new home from the moment you walk in. Before the big day arrives, get enough sleep and wake up restful and ready to tackle the move without worrying. Go through the list while having a coffee and, before you know it, you’ll forget you’ve ever moved.


Moving is more stressful than most people realize, but you can minimize the stress with some of these tricks. You need to try to make your move as organized as possible, and ask for help when you feel overwhelmed. When it’s all over, treat yourself with a nice massage and some shopping to recover from all the stress.

By Emma Joyce

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