Tools of Divination, Activate The Gift Within


Visiting clairvoyants has been in our DNA since ancient civilisation. There was a time where every village would have a healer, a psychic or a diviner. These people would rely on their ‘gift’ to interpret the message from the divine, regarding their illness or wellbeing.  

These readings are sometimes taken as ‘gospel’ and the interpretation of the sign becomes the word of law. What if by understanding how that person can interpret those signs, we would harmoniously navigate through our map of life empowered from within, as opposed to feeling as though fate is happening to us?  

This is the reason, I have seen countless people in my one to one sessions, suffering from panic attacks, anxiety or depression which was a result of mismatch of exceptions. Exploring their energies revealed that the root of the emotional charge was due to a reading that didn’t match their expectations. 

Readings are never right or wrong, in fact it is just the reader’s ability to interpret the signs that (s)he is seeing either in your energy or through the tools of divination.  

The most important aspect of all these readings and healing is the ability to decode the signs of nature that are given through the cards, dice, runes, tea leaf, palms or date of birth and zodiac. It is the ability of the gifted person that determines the accuracy of the reading.

What is happening now-a-days with the booming popularity and curiosity, is that some people don’t take the time to do background checks on credibility, knowledge and the skillset or time the person has invested in mastering the tool of divination. In fear or desperation to know the answer or to look into our futures we jump in, perhaps ill prepared or blindsided, when the reading you were hoping descends into a series of unfortunate future events. 

Fear is the biggest problem that blinds our sense of judgement and we take someone else’s word as gospel, especially when we place them in a position of authority or highly gifted. 

Seeking advice or guidance is also a great way to access your own gifts; having readings of any sort is not about discarding your own intuition but rather matching what you perceived prior to seeking neutral guidance. 

Remember, you too have the ability to change the course of your destiny by applying simple practices in your day to day life. Clairvoyants reveal to you the energy and space in which your thoughts and actions are creating. Using their gifts you can gain a higher perspective on any challenges you may be facing or even gain awareness around new opportunities. This will allow you to create steps towards your desired vision.

I have shared with you a four step process, easy and guaranteed to bring you much joy and success. When planning your week ask yourself the following questions and work around the answers to put into place the actions/ task list that will generate more of what you want:  

What do I need to do more of in order for me to achieve my goal?

What do I need to do less of  in order to make time for ____________?

And what can  I start doing more of to achieve this? 

Therefore I could spend less time ______________________________

As we know with any form of personal development, it is in consistent action that we create traction in the areas we want to build. Perhaps the next time you visit a psychic, measure the progress you’ve made since your last reading, and continue to build guided by what you intuitively feel and what was affirmed by your chosen diviner. 

The life you live is created by the decisions you are making and the action you are taking on a moment to moment basis. 

By Sidra Jafri

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