By Anthony Mayatt 

1. Hydrate

With the added heat during the day it is important to stay well hydrated. The body loses water through heat and sweat so making sure you drink plenty during the day and your workouts will help flush toxins through your body and keep your energy levels high. Aim for 2-3 litres per day.

2. HIIT Training

You must be living on the moon to not have heard of this form of training as everyone is doing it because of its benefits to improving fitness levels and reducing fat. Work intensely for a short period followed by a recovery, for example, on a bike, cycle at a steady speed for 45 seconds and sprint for 15. Repeat this 10 times.

3. Every Little Helps

Stop thinking you need to change everything about your lifestyle to make a dramatic change. Small regular tweaks are all you need, for example, Go to bed 15 minutes earlier so you have more time for breakfast the next morning, or replace your lunch time Diet Coke for a glass of water. Small tweaks make a big impact and help you in the long term.

top-ten-tips-to-get-fit-this-summer-anthony-mayatt-breathe-fitness-thoselondonchicks4. Hit The Weights

Weight training won’t just get you stronger but will also help with fat loss making you leaner and fitter. Strength training will mean the body burns more calories and help you lose fat while retaining your muscle. Cardio alone will burn fat but also muscle which you don’t want so a combination of the two is best.

5. Get Outside

Don’t be stuck in the gym before/after work each day. Now that Summer is returning, get more vitamin d in your system and work outdoors as well as the gym. This will really help your mood, motivation and reduce stress levels which is great when you want a fitter, healthier body.

6. Try Something New

You must be bored of the same routine time and time again. Doing this won’t keep challenging the body so try something new to keep it guessing. It will also help with your motivation to get fit having a variety of workouts to choose from instead of constant repetition.

stress-is-seriously-stressful-fliss-baker7. Meditate

Stress can be a real problem when trying to get fitter. It can drain your energy, block your body from burning fat and increase risk of disease. Meditation is a great way to help with stress whether sitting in a quiet room or just relaxing on your own listening to your favourite music. It’s not all about bird sounds and crossed legs.

8. Massage

Massage helps improve your circulation, recovery from aching muscles, release knots and improve your flexibility. Try to get a massage every few weeks to really help your body during your intense training plans. Also good as a treat to reward yourself for being healthy and completing goals.

peaceful-sleep-painting-good-health-over-christmas-anthony-mayatt-thoselondonchicks9. Keep a food diary

Keeping track of what you eat is a great way to make sure you are on the right path to getting fitter this summer. Nutrition is vital for all things health and by tracking your intake will show you where you are going wrong if you are. This will help making changes much easier whether looking at your macronutrients or calories.

10. Sleep

Your body goes through its changes during the rest periods so getting a good nights sleep is vital. Lack of sleep means low energy, increased stress, random mood patterns and poor function. Relax as much as you can before going to bed and give yourself enough hours so you are full of energy the next day.

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