Travel • Planning a Girls’ Getaway – A Survival Guide


Hilarious, unforgettable, and fun– a good way to sum up an all-girls getaway in three words. If you’re planning to finally travel with your BFFs and create some good memories, you should know you’re in for a truly marvelous experience. There’s just nothing quite as entertaining as hanging out with your girlfriends and joking around every day, as you enjoy a beautiful new destination, but to make it work first you have to plan it. So, want to know how to organize a good vacation with your besties? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Put Someone in Charge

Especially if there are a lot of you. Of course, everyone will have a say in where you want to go and what you want to do, but when five people are all shouting at the same time, things tend to not get done. If you want to be more democratic, you can assign everyone a specific task – one person to book the hotel, another to find the cheapest plane tickets, another to plan out activities. Consult often and hear each other out, and do find a planner where you will write the nitty-gritty details of your trip down, so you wouldn’t get lost in daydreaming.


Pick the Perfect Destination

There are plenty of places to choose from and what you pick should depend on what kind of a friend group you have.

Sri Lanka, for example, is an amazing destination if all of you just want to relax, feel zen, and start your mornings with yoga.With plenty of Buddhist monasteries and statues, you can really immerse yourself in the peace you find here. Nature, wilderness, and meditation, this is perfect for a group of friends who are stressed, tired, and simply want some peace for a change.

For the history enthusiast and those who really want to see every monument and experience the culture, places like Machu Piccu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, or maybe Chichen Itza in Mexico are a right choice. The party squad is bound to love Las Vegas, or the beachy, lively Santorini in Greece where you will lounge in the sun, enjoy cooking activities organized by the locals, and have fun in the night clubs.


If you want a destination that encompasses all of this, then you might want to check out the Algarve in Portugal. A region known forits warm weather, sandy beaches surrounded by gorgeous, scenic cliffs and blue water, it’s a pretty great place to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Roman and Moorish architecture will offer great sightseeing spots, and fans of nightlife will have fun in beach bars like Caniço (Alvor), which makes great all-night parties. Definitely do your research and make a suggestion to your group. It’s important to pick a place where everyone will get to do something they like.

Plan way in Advance

If most of you have families, jobs, and obligations, you’ll need to plan your trip well in advance. Seriously, plan it for a year from now and that way you won’t have nearly as much trouble with everyone’s different schedules.

Don’t Invite Outsiders

No relatives, no friends other than your closest-knit group, and definitely no boyfriends. While inviting other people may result in a perfectly fun trip, it’s still going to change the atmosphere and it kind of defeats the purpose of your vacation.

Plan your Budget

Not everyone has the same amount of money at their disposal, so make sure everyone is very clear and comfortable about how much they’re willing to spend on the trip. Once you know that, you’ll be able to plan the details like which hotel to pick, and what kind of clubs and restaurants you can go to.

Be Okay with Surprises

Someone might get the stomach flu, flights can be delayed, you might end up in a room with no hot water. Things will happen, so it’s important not to panic. Honestly, these kinds of things often make for really funny stories later on, so approach these situations with a level head.

Talk about your Habits

If you’re an early bird while your friend can’t string two sentences together before coffee and a hot shower, it might end up making someone cranky. Talk about when you want to wake up and start the day, where you want to go, and how much partying is too much – some of you might want to stay at the club longer while the rest would prefer to get back to the hotel and get some sleep. All of this can be worked out, but do talk about it in advance.


Ask if they’re Okay with Sharing

Hey, if you can borrow your friend’s cardigan and she can have your skirt at some point, it might make packing and staying stylish easier. See about things that can be shared and organize your packing according to that.

Leave Empty Spaces in your Schedule

Yes, using your time wisely and seeing as many things as you can is great, but on a girls’ getaway it’s important to have moments where you’re not doing anything other than lounging around the hotel and simply talking. Joking around, reminiscing. Simply enjoying each other’s company.

A getaway is a great way to renew your bonds of friendship and finally get to spend more time with the close friends whom you don’t get to see nearly as much as you’d like. Pick a good destination, prepare your good mood, and enjoy an unforgettable trip!

By Rebecca Brown

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