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How do you turn your Passion into a Thriving Online Business? Every single person on this planet is entirely different from the one standing right next to you. But almost all the people share one dream – to be able to take what they like and turn it into a profitable venture. As someone once said, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life, and that is very true. But how do you manage to achieve this?

In a world full of so many different online businesses, managing to turn your passion into a lucrative career and find your spot in the limelight is difficult as is. However, it becomes significantly more difficult if you’re a female entrepreneur because, sadly, the business world is still viewed as a predominantly male environment. That being said, here are some interesting ways you can turn your passion into a thriving online business.

Define what you love

In order to be able to get your business off the online ground, you first need to define what it is that you like doing. Sit down for a minute and take the time to think about what it is that you won’t mind doing for the rest of your life. If, for instance, books are your passion ask yourself what type of book-related business you’d feel comfortable running. Do you wish to write books, sell books, help people track down rare and antique books or something entirely different? Once you manage to answer your own question, you can start preparing for a life as a business owner.

Be real about it

Another important thing to mention is that you need to be real about the success you are planning to reach with your business efforts and you need to understand that, no matter how much you enjoy doing something, once it becomes your job, the love for it will slightly diminish. That’s why you shouldn’t turn your absolute favorite thing in the world into your business directly but rather use it as an inspiration for your business idea. If you, for example, enjoy writing about fashion, once you turn it into a job, chances are that it will become a chore very soon. That’s why you should instead probably focus on reviewing fashion pieces online. This way you’ll still be doing what you love, without risking it becoming boring or uninspiring.

Change things up a bit

On a similar note, do know that just because your business started off as one thing, you can slightly change it as you go and make it evolve into something slightly different. Let’s say that your blog is your main source of income. This is your own piece of the internet you’ve completely customized to your liking. You’ve managed to attract a certain audience and you’ve managed to monetize your blog. However, if you ever feel like you got stuck in a rut with your content, don’t be scared to branch out a bit. For instance, if you’re usually covering the latest iGaming industry news on your blog, you can consider becoming a casino affiliate and, in that sense, changing things up a bit. This way, you will still stay true to your original content and tone of voice while changing your business game just enough to make things interesting again.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Sometimes, when you embark on a journey of chasing your dreams, you may find yourself feeling like you’re failing the people around you. Your parents might have expected you to become an engineer, yet you’ve realized you prefer making music. Your partner might think you’d be better off pursuing a career in economics, yet you prefer making and selling handmade organic soaps. Chasing your dreams can really become overwhelming sometimes but you should remember to be kind to yourself, no matter how low you may be feeling at the moment. Remind yourself why you have decided to do what you’re doing in the first place and be kind to yourself. We all find ourselves feeling a bit down from time to time, but the easiest way to snap out of it and find your original motivation and drive once more is by telling yourself that it will all turn out to be ok in the end.

Leave no room for self-doubt


Finally, you need to understand that nothing good will come out of you doubting yourself. If you’ve done your homework, researched the market beforehand and decided to embark on your business endeavor, that means that you’ve got the necessary proof that there is, in fact, enough room for your business idea on the market. If things are not looking great at the moment that doesn’t mean that they never will. The road to success is a bumpy one, but the most important thing is to learn how to pick yourself up when you trip or fall down.

So, if you’re looking to turn your passion into profit, you really must first do your homework and explore your options. Once you do that, be sure to trust your female intuition and don’t let others tell you that you’re wrong or that it can’t be done. Trust your judgement, believe in yourself and embark on your business journey with your head held high.

Emma is a business strategist-turned blogger. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Emma is a  passionate traveller and yoga aficionado. She is in love with coffee, interior design, books, and good vibes. 🙂 You can find Emma on twitter here

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