Pregnant and Upcycling


upcycle-station-header-upcycling-colours-paint-spots-joined-writing-fontNow that the weather is heating up and we’re all starting to get our uncooked-meat-coloured-bits out (I mean legs and upper arms you perverts), I’ve been happily enjoying some quality time with my power tools. I could re-read and think better of that sentence, but, like a shivering Brit in shorts on a cloudy summer day, I am going to persevere.

upcycling-revamp-furniture-vintage-antique-customize-annie-sloan-paint-chalk-sand-down-varnish-wood-drawer-linerThe grubby truth is that I’ve been neglecting the garden shed all Winter. I had a slightly better reason than just being afraid of the cold, as I fell pregnant in December and therefore hibernated through till April. I’m hoping that the massive amounts of slumber will encourage a sleepy, docile baby…NO-ONE TELL ME THE TRUTH PLEASE.

So come April sunshine, it was back to the shed with me…and a happy reunion it was, as I had stored there 6 vintage pieces of furniture that were ripe for a makeover. My buddy Daniel and I had cleverly bought and stored them away at the end of last year, and now was the time to get to work. It took hella lot of elbow grease and lots of trips to the shops for essentials like bits of wood, sandpaper and ice lollies, but in the end it was worth it. Each of the items¬† above are for sale. They go quickly so if you are interested do get in touch straight away! Contact details below.

This week I will be sharing my work on:-

A 1930’s Drop Leaf Coffee Table in dark oak is now cloaked in Old Violet and Paris Grey, with an impressionist style top. (How fancy have I made that sound?!)

We left the dark varnish underneath on this one then…

steel-wool-steelwool-upcycling-sandingActions On

  • Several layers of paint. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for both top and bottom. The legs are Greek Blue. For the top I use my old faithful Paris Grey.
  • Painted on Light Wax.
  • Gentle sanding of the areas I wanted to highlight. As you can see by the table top I went to town. I used steel wool to sand.
  • Then Dark Wax was applied with a medium thick paint brush and then worked into the wood. Next I wiped the excess away with a cloth. Any old rag will do!

With a lot of layering of paint, dark and light wax and gentle sanding with steel wool, this little side table has a personality all of its own and is as smooth as a recently exfoliated bottom. Bet you want to eat cake off it now, right?


There’s also this rather dashing Dining Table, in a similar ‘drop leaf’ style, which needed a full sanding to get rid of patchy old varnish, but lets save the ins and outs for next time!




Nessa Wrafter

Interested in buying this piece contact Nessa directly at

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