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Now, we all know it’s wrong to pick a favourite child/album/piece of furniture, but I never said I was perfect.This is my  favourite piece of furniture. It’s an original school desk from the 40’s, rescued from a school by a teacher who kept it safe in his home until we showed up in a van last summer. Just to clarify, this was an ebay purchase, we don’t just randomly go around to elderly citizens’ houses demanding their unused items to upcycle. Although that does sound like a GREAT business plan.

I digress. The desk was sad, dusty and rusty, but with some love it’s now bright and beautiful.


Actions On-

  •   A thorough all-over sanding
  • Followed by two coats of rust treatment on the metal – so now it’s got a glossy pitch black sheen –
  • Coats of Annie Sloan on the wood, in two different colours. (We layered Provence blue over Paris Grey so there was depth to the colour, and as it wears over time, more and more of the layers will be exposed.)
  • Finally, a drip and spill proof PVC lining with super cool robot unicorns was added, et voilà.

The last piece in the workshop, yet to be finished, is going to be a delicious dark violet dressing table, with a matching upholstered seat… stay tuned for this one, its going to be special. Suffice to say, I’ve had my usual amount of fun with my sander and paints, and am looking forward to more projects as I move into a new house and await the arrival of my baby. Furniture restoration counts as ‘nesting’ right?!



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Interested in buying this piece contact Nessa directly at nessawrafter@gmail.com

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