Upcycling – The Dining Table


Now todays delight is similar in style to last time. It’s a rather dashing Dining Table, again with the ever so useful fold down sides. This ‘drop leaf’ style is super handy for city living!

Actions On

  • a full sanding to get rid of patchy old varnish.


Underneath, the wood had such a lovely caramel-mocha tone that it seemed best to go lightly on the paint.

  • Choose paint colour desired. I went with Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey
  • Add water to big dollops of the paint. which enables you to get that white washed effect. (Now I am more of a handful of this handful of that but my friend says it is roughly two parts paint and one part water. )
  • If you wish the item to be more distressed, sand lightly on the sections you wish to highlight.
  • I haven’t for this piece but if you do wish to seal it I suggest Water-based especially if it’s white. Oil-based poly will add a yellow hint, and take away from the freshness of white!

It has ended up feeling very Nordic in style, and has the added bonus of being able to fold down to fit a smaller space, but also extends for big gatherings.upcycling-revamp-furniture-vintage-antique-customize-annie-sloan-paint-chalk-sand-down-varnish-wood-drawer-liner

Now, we all know it’s wrong to pick a favourite child/album/piece of furniture, but I never said I was perfect.Next time iIshare my favourite piece of furniture. It’s an original school desk from the 40’s, rescued from a school by a teacher who kept it safe in his home until we showed up! But more on how we got it off him next time!



Nessa Wrafter

Interested in buying this piece contact Nessa directly at nessawrafter@gmail.com

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