Update Your Skincare for Spring

You should provide your skin with the best possible care, so you need to adjust your routine to your skin’s changing needs. The cold winter days have made your skin dry and in need of richer, heavier products. However, as spring starts to settle in, you’ll need to adapt your skincare routine and embrace lighter and gentler products. So, take some time to spring-clean your skincare products and update your routine so that your skin is fresh, smooth and ready for warm, sunny days.

Sort out your skincare products

The first step is going through your products and checking expiration dates. Some of the products you’ve used during the winter might have expired, so make sure to get rid of them. Outdated products may endanger your skin because they may develop bacteria. You should also throw away an SPF if it’s older than a year because it typically loses its effectiveness. Products that have changed their colour, consistency or smell should also be eliminated from your collection. Finally, throw away any mascara older than three months.   

Freshen up your brushes

cleanMakeup brushes should be washed regularly, especially if you use them on a daily basis. They may become covered with bacteria that can irritate or damage your skin. Thus, make sure to get rid of old ones or wash them with a special cleansing solution.

Switch to a lighter moisturiser

During winter, your skin becomes flaky and dry, which requires you to use a rich moisturiser. However, since spring is almost here, you can switch to a lighter product that will keep your skin hydrated and smooth instead of heavy or greasy. If you don’t want to throw away your winter moisturiser, you can just add some rosewater to dilute it. Nonetheless, make sure to keep your skin hydrated at all times and apply a moisturiser several times throughout a day if you have dry or sensitive skin. There are even natural ways to moisturise your skin, so make sure to research your options.

Protect your skin

sunWeather you live in the UK or Australia, adequate sun protection is of the utmost importance for your health. Of course, your SPF may vary depending on where you live, but you should still protect your skin from UV radiation, especially during spring and summer. You should switch to an organic sunscreen that will provide your skin with nutrients and protect it from solar radiation. For example, nourishing and natural sunscreen in Australia contains zinc oxide, plant extracts and collagen, enhancing your skin’s health, protecting it from the sun and reducing fine lines. So, when looking for a sunscreen, make sure that it doesn’t contain GMOs, sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances or preservatives and other ingredients that may damage your skin.

Switch to healthy products

If you haven’t already, it’s time you made the switch to organic, natural products. Regular products are based on numerous chemicals that may irritate your skin and cause other skin problems. Organic products, on the other hand, contain natural ingredients that can make your skin healthier. Rich in natural nutrients, these products can make your skin smoother, more nourished and even make it smell better. However, keep in mind that some organic and natural products aren’t necessarily healthy, so always check the label.

Exfoliate for smooth skin

funSpring is the perfect time for removing dead cells from your skin and making it soft and smooth. Exfoliation is a necessary step that you should apply several times per week depending on your skin type. However, you can exfoliate more frequently to get your skin ready for spring. You should try deep exfoliation using homemade products to get rid of skin bumps or dry body-brushing with a palm brush with natural bristles. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells and improve your circulation.

Brighten up your palette

Switching to a softer, lighter palette will give your skin a fresh, youthful glow perfect for warm spring days and the upcoming summer. However, since winter typically brings darker shades, your collection of products may require some updating. To make a gradual transition, you should change product by product instead of replacing the entire collection at once.

Avoid glossy products

matAnother change in your makeup collection refers to introducing matte products. In winter, your skin needs oiler products since it’s typically drier. In spring, on the other hand, your skin regains its moisture, so oily products can make it look greasy. Matte products will give you a lovely, fair complexion perfect for warm days. You can either buy new products or add a mattifying primer or sprayer to your collection.

Spring calls for lighter and brighter products that will give your skin a fresh look, as well as for some essential changes that you need to include in your care routine.


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