Valentine’s Day Make Up Look


For this Valentine’s Day we have been fortunate enough to grab celebrity make up artist Ashleigh Haines. Ashleigh has painted the faces of many a household name from Sir Tony Blair to The likes of Kim Catrall.

Ashleigh whilst taking a rare day off to move house did us the honor of putting together the make up look she is planning for Valentines day and snapped it, step by step, in between loading boxes and ordering around removal men!

those London Chicks - Valentines 2015













To start evenly apply a light base all over the face using a foundation brush. I have used Yves Saint Lauren light coverage foundation.

those London Chicks - Valentines 2015













Start by applying a matte cream or beige eyeshadow all over the sockets. This is so the next base goes on smoothly and blends.

those London Chicks - Valentines 2015













Next step sweep the chosen colour, in this case I used mac colour pigment in copper sparkle and sweep along the entire eyelid. When you have done this with a blending brush sweep over the crease to blend the edges out.

Following the lower lash line with a darker brown in my case I used Brun by Mac and draw a line toward you ears, blend with a softer brush to soften line.
Take the soft brush and smudge on the lower lash line.

those London Chicks - Valentines 2015

 Finally load up those lashes giving a sexy volumous look Clean up any unwanted mess around the eye, going over with any concealer if needed.

those London Chicks - Valentines 2015










Finish by polishing those brows, even any lines out and apply a beautiful red lip.
I’ve added orange to mine to keep in keeping with the gold. This is also more current.

 To Check out some of Ashleigh’s work or to hire her for a project contact her through –



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