Aromatherapy • A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet


I know we don’t all celebrate Valentine’s day or even care about a slightly random saint called Valentine, but hey, cast away any cynicism. Throw your arms around the world, your loved ones, friends, family or pets and…eat chocolates, drink pink champagne and celebrate the life of Saint Valentine with rose otto essential oil!

According to French Aromatherapist Philippe Mailhebiau, (author of Portraits in Oils) simply smelling the rose ‘shows us love, not only human love…but spiritual love’.
Rose otto, also known as the ‘queen of flowers’ is so effective on all levels, opening and comforting the heart, stilling the spirit and and soothing the soul.

It is the oil I turn to in my treatment room when a client needs nurturing, relieving anxiety and vulnerability whilst acting as a gentle reminder of self-love.

rose-kirsten-kitchen-aromatherapy-thoselondonchicksThe aroma of a rose or rose essential oil is unmistakably feminine and therapeutically is often used to treat PMT, menopausal symptoms and has long been considered a tonic of the uterus.
In traditional Chinese medicine rose is cool and moist in nature, clearing heat and inflammation and helping to restore the body’s Yin energy. With its cooling qualities it is an exquisite ingredient in skin care, particularly for sensitive or mature skin.

Of course all this rosy goodness comes at a price, in fact, it takes 30 Damask Roses to make just one drop of Bulgarian rose otto. Luckily, the phrase ‘less is more’ in Aromatherapy is particularly apt here; just a couple of drops added to a base oil such as jojoba would be perfectly restorative. I like to add a drop to rosehip-seed oil as a luxurious night time moisturiser, not only soothing my skin but helping me to fall asleep with such an exquisite aroma. No wonder it’s known as the “queen of flowers”!

If working with the Chakra’s, rose essential oil’s gentle nature makes it indispensable – when dealing with grief or loss, Rose is able to open up the heart chakra once again and allow healing to begin. Like many other essential oils, the potency of rose is magnified when blended with other like minded oils.

heart-rose-kirsten-kitchen-aromatherapy-thoselondonchicksOne of my favourite blends ( and not just for Valentine’s day) is Ylang-Ylang, Clary-Sage, Sandalwood and Rose.

Ylang Ylang’s sweet floral intensity is balanced out with a hint of spice. Like rose it is a natural aphrodisiac and helps us to reconnect with the body.
Clary-Sage with its bitter-sweet euphoria is able to find the balance between stimulating and relaxing.

This gentle aphrodisiac smells both sweet and spicy, floral yet earthy and has an aroma that is both playful and enticing.
Try this blend as a body massage oil or bath oil: 5 drops of sandalwood, 5 drops of ylang-ylang, 3 drops of clary-sage and 2 drops of rose essential oil blended with 25m of base oil such as jojoba or sweet almond.

So light a candle, inhale deeply and enjoy my aromatherapy blend to add to your chocolates and pink champagne to help you celebrate Valentine’s day.

Enjoy and spread the love. ❤ ❤ ❤

By Aromatherapist

Kirsten Kitchen

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