Vintage Home Ideas


 The Golden Age of Hollywood in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The vintage glamour and glitz of the Hollywood Regency style isn’t reserved solely for those with the view of the Hollywood Sign. Characterised by elevated and sophisticated décor and an opportunity for bold self-expression, this style has charmed everyone who has wished to experience the splendour of Hollywood lifestyle at least for a day. If you’re one of those enchanted by the glamorous style of Hollywood icons, you should welcome it into your own home. If you can’t move to Hollywood, you can bring Hollywood to you.

Art Deco-inspired décor

No one knows glamour better than Gatsby, and he certainly knows how to bring it to the next level. You certainly cannot capture the essence of Gatsby’s glamorous style without an art deco design. Not only will an art deco-inspired décor create an interesting look in your home, but it will also bring the glitz that can match Gatsby’s. What’s even better are the opportunities for creativity and experimentation that it offers.
If you want to draw attention of every guest who enters your home, you can opt for an art deco-inspired accent wall – it will definitely make a powerful statement. However, perhaps you want to keep an understated yet glamorous look, and use furniture as focal point. If this is the case, you can incorporate art deco design in a subtler way. For example, you can use this design for decorative pillows on your vintage sofa, area rugs or curtains. This way, you can create a cohesive yet subtle look while retaining a true Hollywood vibe.

Hollywood drama

The glamorous homes of Hollywood stars often resemble movie sets, and every movie needs a little drama. The Hollywood Regency style isn’t for faint-hearted ones – you shouldn’t be afraid of bold statement pieces that will reflect your personality. Whether it’s a stylish bronze statue, or a large faux fur area rug, decorating your home in the true Hollywood style entails creating a dramatic effect. This is the perfect opportunity to express your personality – after all, interior design is meant for self-expression.


Royal colours of Hollywood

One of the most important elements of the Hollywood Regency style is colour which can completely transform a space and give it a new look. Of course, in order to capture the spirit of this style, you need to know which hues to use and how to use them. Otherwise, you risk creating a tacky and kitschy ambience which is far from what a Hollywood-inspired décor should look like.
Since this style is all about the glamour, sophistication and glitz, it’s not surprising that it has embraced royal colours, such as royal blues, emerald greens, polished golds and bright reds. You can use these jewel tones as accent details throughout your house to create a cohesive and elegant look. If you want a bolder design, you can always use these hues for larger pieces, such as furniture, or even walls.

Glossy and polished look

When you think of Hollywood, millions of flickering lights and a dazzling vibe immediately come to mind. Well, the homes of Hollywood divas certainly didn’t lack in gloss. An easy yet stylish way to bring more glitz into your home is by embracing lacquer. The Hollywood Regency style features stylish pieces of furniture in shiny colours, so if you want to capture the same vibe, you can lacquer your items or opt for a glossy spray paint. You can even use your old items and transform them into completely new ones. For example, you can repaint your old nightstand, apply a coat of lacquer, and then add stylish details – replace the old knobs with brass hardware, and add brass corner details. Not only will you have a new piece of old furniture, but it will also be one of a kind!

Lush materials

Your materials shouldn’t lack in glamour, especially if you want to create an authentic, Hollywood-inspired environment. Complete your royal chaise lounge with decorative sequin pillows in a jewel shade – the entire arrangement will be a powerful décor statement. Another popular material that everyone in the showbiz simply adored is velvet. Whether you use it for your drapes, pillows or covers, it will radiate with glamour and style.


The lights of Hollywood

Lighting is a powerful decorating tool that will help you portray the true spirit of Hollywood. If used appropriately, light can have a major impact on the overall ambiance. In addition, lighting fixtures are often used in the Hollywood Regency style as enticing décor elements. For example, ornate pendant lights can be used as a décor statement and trendy focal point of a space while simultaneously creating an intimate and stylish atmosphere. You can even use them to create a cohesive look in your house that will connect otherwise diverse style. Depending on the style of your fixtures, you can add decorative details, such as feathers, to add even more glamour to your home.
By decorating your home in the Hollywood Regency style, you can experience the authentic Hollywood vibe from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve finished redecorating, relax in your comfortable chaise lounge, and enjoy your favourite Hollywood movie.

By Stacey Cooper