Walking Towards Beauty


Walking Towards Beauty

Will you walk with me?  Will you walk towards, and into, a life of beauty – leaving the fear and destruction behind? Because it’s what our planet needs…what we need.

It’s when our backs are against the wall and we have limited options, that our truth emerges. When push comes to shove, the fire ignites and we begin actioning a deeper knowing. This, I suggest, is happening with climate change right now.

As with all things, we can observe from fear – or from love and optimism; or perhaps more meaningful even, from our deeper truth. The fires may be raging in the glory of our Amazonian forest, and while they do, we benefit from allowing a passion to rise in us. Not a rise of fear or helplessness – but of beauty, appreciation and reflection.


We become what we see, and now, more than ever – with a sense of urgency, for our backs are against the wall – we need to see Beauty. More so than love, it’s Beauty and our appreciation – and humane need for it – which will turn this planet around. We must create a hospitable environment – and an environment which nourishes and breathes energy and new life is always beautiful.


Beauty is an essence; a vibration which envelopes and inspires the soul and mind of all who walk this planet. A caress, a smile of pure delight, the sun setting in an everlasting sky – these are the moments which inspire us and make life worth living (if we take the time and inclination to see them). And it’s the beauty of Nature which needs preserving above all – the intrinsic appreciation and respect which lies, perhaps dormant, in each and every one of us.


‘Saving the planet’ through fear will create more fear – and hence more conflict and more resolute destruction. Inspiring our planet into Beauty – enthusing our days and personal environment with the gentle but definitive qualities and essence of pleasure and connection, of lightness and deep satisfaction – is what will save it. Not costing a penny and taking no time, our outlook can change. We can fall into active appreciation. And as our choices align to what creates the essence of Beauty within us, so will our environment adapt and soften into itself. By adding wise +1’s, we can counterbalance the past choices made from feelings of fear and -1’s.

It’s taken us a long time to evolve on this beautiful planet, and a lot less – not even a blink in our evolutionary eye – to create damage. We can just as easily – in another blink of an eye – tip ourselves into presence and the power of Beauty. Really, we have no choice – our hearts and souls are shoving us forward to do so, for a life without beauty is perhaps one not worth living.


Trees for Beauty has been set up by Delilah to encourage the adding of beauty to our planet. Please follow @treesforbeauty on Instagram or www.DelilahSullivan.com/treesforbeauty to get involved, plant a tree or join a Trees for Beauty walk.

Delilah is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Practitioner and Private Advisor.

Website: www.DelilahSullivan.com/treesforbeauty

Email: Info@DelilahSullivan.com

Instagram: @treesforbeauty

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