Ways to Purify Air in your Home


Do you know that indoor air is more dangerous than the air you breathe outdoors? Indeed, our home is an invisible hideout of pollutants and poisons which are able to cause allergies and even severe illnesses, such as asthma, heart attack and lung cancer! 

All this depends on the fact that the components of our home emit several chemical compounds called VOC. 

The latter is the code name indicating the so called Volatile Organic Compounds, a wide range of chemical molecules with harmful effects on environment and human health. The mentioned compounds are radon, benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and the awful nitrogen dioxide, which also causes breathing problems.

Seen that we spend the most part of our life at home, we can’t afford to die for a polluted apartment. The one we find outdoors is enough, let’s say excessive, by now. For this reason, we have the obligation to find natural ways to purify air in our homes. 

We must do that not only for us, but also for our beloved children and our wonderful planet! If you are eager to purify home air naturally, you must use natural home care products, first of all. 


There are many ways to purify air in your home. Some of them are really helpful to make the indoor air healthy and worthwhile to be breathed. 

If you want to learn more about these stunning air cleaning methods, read the following paragraphs. There, you’ll find the most natural ways to completely purify the air of your home. 

Purify Air in Home

Purify the air of our home is not a joke. It is an extremely serious matter. We don’t mean you must clean the floor with chemical detergents, rather, it is better these products are completely banished from your rooms. Prefer only natural ways to get rid of pollutants in your home. 

A simple way to purify air is to open the windows regularly. This way, the external air spreads inside, lowering the level of carbon dioxide and formaldehyde emitted by furniture and gas stove, for instance. 

Moreover, external oxygen prevents the accumulation of viruses, bacteria and mold. Other good options to make the home air pure are plants and salt lamp. To learn how to use them, continue reading…

Plants that Purify Indoor Air

Even NASA affirmed that plants purify air. A study performed just by this US Agency in 1989 revealed that indoor plants play a crucial role in the abatement of air pollution. Already 31 years ago, the space agency revealed the list of the best plants that purify indoor air. Among these, there were:

  • Bamboo palm
  • Weeping Fig
  • Dwarf date palm
  • Spider plant
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Lily Turf

These plants have been proven to remove pollutants from the surroundings of our internal environment, such as benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, ammonia and xylene. 

The aforementioned chemical compounds can, in turn, trigger health disorders such as headache, eye irritation and dizziness. To enjoy a complete process of air cleaning, you must place a houseplant every 10 square meters. 

The second natural way to breathe fresh air in your home is the usage of salt lamp. To discover more about this type of substance, see the paragraph below- 

Salt Lamp

It is true: salt lamp purifies the air. That is a lamp containing a pink salt coming from Himalaya mount. This salt is a very ancient crystallized mineral dating back to 200 millions of years ago. 

When the lamp bulb gets heated, the pink salt releases negative ions that abate air pollutants. You can find several types of salt lamps, with several sizes and styles. You have only to choose the one which is more suitable for the size of your rooms.

Other Methods to Clean Air at Home

There are tons of ways to clean home air. One of these methods consists of bamboo bags filled with charcoal. The latter is a natural compound with the power to remove toxins in the air. The porous fibers of bag adsorb any polluting home agents, while charcoal neutralizes them. 

For effective results, replace the charcoal bag once a month. Another air purifying way is still easier: clean floor with wet mop, instead of dry broom. So way, you’ll avoid breathing dust and spreading harmful particles indoors. 


The purifying air methods are like the ways of Lord: they are endless. Unfortunately, if you use chemicals, you’ll contribute to worsen pollutions indoors and outdoors. 

Our cleaning ways are natural because we believe that they are the only trustworthy option to improve air quality on our planet. We absolutely believe in that! And you, do you believe? Let us know your opinion!

Author’s Bio: 

Kevin is an interior designer who has also experience as a freelance writer. He loves green topics. These are also his main specialization. His passions are plants and the defense of our planet. He designs zero pollution homes and writes about the benefits that a clean world can offer to the whole humankind. 

Featured Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels


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