Weddings Food Idea • A Bruschetta Bar Guide

We are fast approaching Spring Wedding Season and what food you choose is just another thing to think about! Why not have a Bruschetta Bar? It’s a fun and simple alternative to the classic cheese plate, making it a great appetiser for any party you host!

Everyone loves a great cheese plate at a party. What’s not to love? A variety of cheeses, delicious jams, nuts, and other fruits—all to make the most delicious combo, especially when washed down with your favorite wine. But sometimes this crowd pleaser can feel a bit boring when it’s become a repeat offender at your bash. Plus, sometimes cheese plates aren’t enough food to satisfy your more hungry guests, which is why opting for a more filling plate can make for a better option.

That’s why you should opt for a bruschetta bar—it’s the best of both worlds. With all the cheese you can eat, but thick slices of Italian baguettes and other heftier toppings, a bruschetta bar becomes a much more filling option than a cheese plate, while still offering up all the delicious combinations.

Traditionally, bruschetta is just tomato, olive oil, and basil. But when you build your own bruschetta bar you can add fun options for people to choose from like delicious Italian cheeses, meats, and spices. You can add a French twist with brie and jam or make your own mini pizza with salami and tomatoes. There are tons of options and your party goers will surely have a blast getting to try out different combinations of your bruschetta.

For additional ideas and a full guide on building your own bruschetta bar, look no further than this bruschetta bar guide from It has a pairing guide and recipes to help inspire you and your guests!


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