Welcome To Your Edible Backyard


It is happening all over the USA, even on the rooftops of New York Skyscrapers, resident of homes and restaurant owners are going green and growing their own herbs and vegetables. Veggies and herbs are not like fruit trees, they do no need tons of space to grow, just good soil, composting, large pots, sunshine and water. If city bound people can produce food for restaurant consumption in pots, just think what can be done in a large back yard situated in a sprawling urban area?

Landscape Art Should be Beautiful

While we agree that landscape art should be beautiful, who says veggies and herbs are not beautiful, they flower just the same as flowers flower and then the flowers turn into fruit. The fruit of your very own edible garden; and there is nothing quite as attractive as a bountiful crop of bright red, sun-ripened heirloom tomatoes growing in amongst the greenery of their vines! Let us say nothing of the flavor, the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that home grown tomatoes have not been:

  • Harvested for shipping while green

  • To speed up ripening – gassed with ethylene

  • Sat in cold storage for who knows how long before being brought to the shelves.

When a homeowner thinks of landscaping a large yard; and it is absolutely necessary to have those places of seclusion, areas for entertainment and for the children or animals to play. It is also just as easy to incorporate food as well as decorative plants. I have a landscaper friend who grows lettuce, beetroot and spinach in amongst his ground cover and his ground cover is strawberry plants. Taller plants in the rear consist of Cape Gooseberries and blueberries and the far rear borders which green the boundary walls are hedgerow plants raspberry and blackberry vines. Do you have any idea how attractive a blueberry plant can be?

The Beauty of Using Professional Landscapers

It goes without saying that if you really have no idea how to get your garden looking beautiful, whether it is edible or not; professional landscapers from Toolsradar can get your garden growing with well-established plants in just a matter of days. There is no waiting for seeds to poke through, not knowing whether they are plants or weeds.

There is no calling in pavers, rockery artists, play equipment, wall, pool, decking, water feature, painting, decorative art or other specialists. Your landscaping service offers the coordination of all these disciplines and can turn an ordinary back yard into an extraordinary backyard, quite literally overnight.

They will listen to your ideas and take cognizance of the fact that you as the home owner have to live with the back yard and in many instances maintain it. Whether it is exotic, playful, practical, contemplative or edible, all of these ideas may be encompassed into one large back yard with the help of the right professionals.

By Daisy Ridley

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