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If you are in the mood for ridiculous then make Wet Hot American Summer your next feast. If you are some one who does not laugh at fart jokes or complete and utter stupidness then maybe scroll over this option. I however, am more often than not in the mood for something quite insane and this Netlfix Original did not disappoint. If you were left bereft after Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt then you are definitely ready for your first installment of Wet Hot American Summer.

The list of actors is incredible with well known faces popping up in the most unlikely of roles. I think for me the most surprising was ‘Will Gardner’ (played by the ever so talented Josh Charles) from ‘The Good Wife’. I was going to intially quote good performances from Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig etc etc but there were so many great performances that it would be a page of names! I have recently just been doing quite a lot of improvisation which it feels like a lot of these scenes and characters were probably developed with, so really enjoyed the wackiness of the characters and their choices.

wet hot american summerDespite never having going to camp myself but having watched Camp Nowhere about a million times as a kid I could appreciate the jokes and archetypal characters that would be found in such a setting. If you ever went to a ‘Valentines ball'(it may have just been a North London thing) then this may ring back some horrific memories you would rather keep under wraps. Whatever your life experiences were this series is easy to watch and a nice release for yoursel. It is also a joy to watch your favourite actors really just enjoying being silly and acting such full on characters. Obviously people like kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd are given that chance often so it really is spotting some of the actors who have been pigeon holed into a type and seeing them unleashed.

The timeline is a unique extra addition of comedy which I must admit to noticing way too long into the series. Once you do notice it you will enjoy the extra level of ridiculousness. I don’t wish to say much more and really it doesn’t need much explaining my only one real point would be. It is very crude. Very, very crude. So maybe don’t let your kids watch it. Not even a second as it is rife with…tastelessness.


Slight Spoiler

Oh last thing I want to say is when you see the fight scene in the kitchen…Wow…no? It was incredible. I really thought he was smacking him in the face. Really brilliantly choreographed and executed. Enjoy!

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