Why Do Women Suffer More From Depression Than Men


Five Reasons Why Women Have to Deal with Anxiety and Depression More Than Men

Job, children, husband, in-laws, parents, money, career, hormones, relationships, and everything under the Sun worries the woman. Juggling a hundred things from morning to midnight drives a woman crazy. But men have hectic lives too, right? Then why does science suggest that women suffer more from depression than men? Find out what makes depression seem larger than life in a woman, and what really makes her experience the things – the way she does!

1.            Hormones Wreak Havoc in Women

Psychological research reveals that the onset of depression and other mental disorders in women occur during the reproductive years. The female sex hormones progesterone and estrogen tend to affect the neuroendocrine, neurotransmitter, and circadian systems. This hormonal effect manifests in the form of severe mood swings and anxiety breakdowns.

The mood swings generally occur due to the menstrual cycle, as a part of the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Fluctuations in hormonal balance also happen during pregnancy and childbirth, causing dramatic mood disorders and postpartum depression.However, here is a natural way to cure depression during these stages, and that is to meditate every day. Meditation is the best natural way to cure depression.

The risk of suffering from depression declines during menopause because of the decrease in hormonal balance. The other hormonal causes that are linked with depression of women include sex differences in relation to the thyroid gland and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

2.            Socialisation Patterns Are Unfavorable for Women

Extensive research on sociology and society reveals that the socialization pattern that is instilled in women since childhood plays a significant role in creating stress, nervousness, and depression too. Women are socialized in a way to make them more sensitive, submissive, and dependent than men.

On the other hand, men learn to be stoic, tough, independent, and cordial. This gender difference in societal values makes women feel nervous and scared all the time, leading to chronic anxiety and depression. Research also suggests that this kind of discriminatory pattern of socialization causes depression in men as well.


3.            Disturbing Social Roles Trigger Depression in Women

In today’s society, a housewife is continuously pitted against a working woman. The community views mothers and homemakers as failures who have failed to contribute to the family, culture, and economy. According to the general opinion of the society, such women have no capability nor respect. They are ill-treated and subjected to all forms of humiliation which makes them feel all the more depressed and nervous all the time.

Working women, on the other hand, suffer from gender discrimination at work. From getting less pay for equal work to getting rejected from prestigious posts and projects in spite of being highly qualified causes immense depression and misery.

Social patterns are structured in a way to benefit men alone while being unjust and unfair for women. It is of utmost significance to restructure and reform the social model to address the mental disorders of women.

4.            Emotional Way of Coping with Crises Triggers Depression in Women

Research and surveys show that the coping style of women is different than that of men. Women deal with emergencies with more feelings and emotions. They brood and mull over the issue and turn it over and over in the mind until the problem overwhelms the women and takes over their mental peace and sanity. Men, on the other hand, seek distractions from the problem or focus on it alone, without letting emotions get in the way. This way, men manage to stay calm and focused, whereas women lose themselves in worries and feelings.

This ruminative way of dealing with crises leads to prolonged and more dramatic episodes of breakdowns and depression in women. The mind becomes raw and more vulnerable to external factors and too prone to depression.

5.            Strenuous Events in Life Trigger Depressive Thoughts and Despair in Women

Life is not easy, but for women, it is a hundred times more difficult than men. Women, in their adolescence and adulthood, face more negative events in life than men. Whether traumatic relationshipsor sexual abuse, there is no end of distress for women as compared to men. Men do not have experience served on a silver platter either, but they do not face any severe depressive episodes in life, especially during adolescence.


Depression is a complex mental condition and is rooted in myriad causes and risk factors. Research and debates are still on to understand the role of gender in depression. Mental breakdowns and poor psychological health occur due to other factors, too like socioeconomic conditions, education, cultural background, family, etc. But there is a dire need for revolutionary transformations in societal patterns to curb the rate of depression in women.

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Dr.Sohil Guntagani is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating from Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, He embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies. During his travel and research, he found the purpose to enlighten and empower others with this knowledge and help them led a much healthier and stress-free life.





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