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When you’re working from home, your surrounding environment can be one of the most important aspects of your business. A comfy, warm and welcoming office space is much more appealing than waking up in your bed and pulling out the laptop with coffee stains on the keypad.

Your mental attitude to work will also benefit from having a proper working space. Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately relaxed because of the furnishings? Or been to a friends house and felt on edge because of how messy everywhere was? Those same feelings will affect you when you’re operating your business from home.

It can be hard from separating your home life and your work life, especially if you don’t have much house space to dedicate to it. I only had one room to work in when I was house sharing- so I had to essential split my room into two parts. My work side and my relax side. It was a struggle, and I would have benefitted from not sleeping in the same room that I worked in for sure. But when you’re starting out, you have to go with what you’ve got.

I’m now in a fortunate position to be able to dedicate a single room to my work. It makes it a million times better and has improved my work rate by a huge margin. When work is done, I leave that room and can relax in the rest of the house. This allows me to properly shut off and recharge my batteries for the next day of work.

But having a single room dedicated to your business isn’t the only helpful piece of the puzzle that improves my working environment. Below I’ve listed my top items that I have in my working space that has helped me feel relaxed and motivated to work.

A Coffee Mug

This might sound strange, but bare with me. I have my own dedicated coffee mug. I only use this single mug for coffee, even though I have plenty of others that could do the job. My coffee mug is a visual treat- when I know it’s full of coffee my brain thinks about work. It knows that taste and smell is time to get into gear and having the same mug helps with that association. I struggled a lot in my earlier days to work consistent hours but having a routine and keeping things essentially the same, helped make this happen.

For your information, I use a simple plain white coffee mug. Feel free to get yourself one with some kind of motivational quote on it- if that’s your thing.

A Blanket

I live in the UK. In the winter, it gets very cold. I don’t dress in too many layers when working and so I often get too chilly to work. My life saver- is my winter blanket. Since I work at a desk and most of my time is spent sitting, I often get cold because my body isn’t moving around too. Having a blanket allows me that extra bit of comfort when I’m working away into the late hours of the night. I can also throw it off if I get too hot and it’s more accessible than a jumper or thick pair of bottoms.


There are so many tools online now for note keeping and jotting things down that most people don’t have a notepad anymore. However, I intentionally keep one, despite my work being 99% focused on the internet.

Writing in my notepad is a calming experience. Similar to having a whiteboard, I’ll use it to write down my todo list, or tasks that I need to get done. I’ll also use it to visualise how something is going to look, or perhaps test out how I’m going to program something using psudo-code. It feels more calming and gives me a little break from staring at my computer screen all day.

If you took a look at any of my notepads, they look like they were written by a child. I have more scribbles and doodles than I have anything legible to read.

Mood Lighting

One of the ways you can make work more relaxing is changing how your lighting is setup. Having big bright overhead lights can make you feel like you’re on stage. When it get’s darker earlier in the winter months, having a room with gentle lighting can make the place feel more relaxed.

The only caveat to this is that it becomes too cozy. You don’t want to fall asleep in your chair whilst working!

House Plants

Spruce up your room with some house plants. Not only do they make your environment feel more natural, but they can also make you feel mentally better. Okay, if you’re depressed and down in the dumps, they may not be the solution, but generally they are known to help keep up productivity and reduce your stress levels.

House plants also don’t need watering too often, so don’t worry about turning your work environment into a living garden. Personally, I like Money Plants the best.

Comfy Chair

It goes without saying, that if you’re sitting down for almost all of your working hours, you want to be comfortable when doing that. Having a comfy chair can do wonders for your back and improve the look and feel of your room.

Comfy chairs can be expensive. Good, comfy office chairs can go for a hefty price but I would definitely recommend investing in one. They last for ages (assuming you don’t have a cat that destroys it) and will be your most used piece of furniture in the whole room.

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Pat writes for TheBlanketNook, which is a site dedicated to all things blankets and snuggly throws!

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