Turn up the heat!


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Rebecca’s Warming Winter Breathing

Here we have 3 poses to bring warmth to the body and ignite the fire in your radiant heart. Back bends are energising and balancing. Breath deep whilst opening up to freedom and liberation!

Those London Chicks -Yoga Files 2

Start with one foot forward, knee over the ankle. Place a cushion under the back knee if it’s more comfortable. Hold a moment and breathe. Free and easy breaths.

Then interlace the hands behind the back. Straighten arms but try to avoid locking the elbow joints. Soften shoulders away from ears and keep neck long. Pull navel to spine to protect it.

Lift the chin and feel the front of your body open to the heavens. Start to move the body backwards, from the back of the heart and not the lumber spine.

Feel the stretch start at the back thigh (tuck the hips under slightly to feel this) and let it travel all the way up to the throat.

Hold for 4-8 breaths or as long as is comfortable without strain.

Those London Chicks -Yoga Files 2

Keep hips square to the front. Imagine you have headlights on the hips and you’re shining them directly forward.

Take the hands to the lower back. Fingers up or down, your choice whatever FEELS best.

Thrust hips forward slightly till you feel a stretch in the back inner thigh and melt back from the back of the heart. All sides of the neck are long, no compression.

Hold and breathe. Shining your heart up and out into the Universe.

Stay for 4-8 breaths or as long as feels good.

Those London Chicks -Yoga Files 2

Here, take the hand on the same side as your back leg behind and onto the small of your back.

The other arm lifts to the sky and with the little finger spinning in towards the face, arm stays in line with ear or slightly behind it. Thrust the hips forward and like a wave rippling through your spine move back into your back bend. Deepen your position by bending from the back of the heart. Move with ease and grace. Keep the bent elbow moving back to open the chest further.

Hold for as long as is pleasant for you, approx 4-8 breaths. Take a long child pose.

Feel and experience your warm and luminous heart.

 Love and Light