The Yoga Files – Pre Xmas Cleanse


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Super Simple Pre-festive Madness Cleanse

Artichoke supplements -check
High strength milk thistle – check
Regular breath work……erm…….nope?

Ok maybe you haven’t had the artichoke pills or milk thistle elixir either, but lets begin with the breath as all good Yoga practices should.
Most of us are becoming more aware of the importance of a clean and healthy diet full of wholefoods for optimal nutrition. This is one way we fuel our body. Breath is another fuel, yet we generally don’t give it a second thought during the day unless you’re on your mat and it’s Yoga time. Your breath bathes your body in nourishing oxygen which keeps your heart beating and your blood flowing. Hmm pretty awesome no? The deeper you breathe the more healing oxygen you are bathing in. The organs work more effectively, mind is sharper and a sense of well being prevails.
Our nervous systems are positively affected by our breathing too. When we have a deep steady breath pattern our parasympathetic nervous system takes charge which flips us into a rest and digest state and out of fight or flee. When in this rested state, our body gets drenched in this highly oxygenated blood and also is massaged from the deep breathing and asana work we may be doing at the time.
The breath is also the great balancer. With every beat of the heart we have a perfect exchange of gasses. The Co2 and O2 exchange. This is symbolic of the giving and receiving quality of our spiritual heart. We inhale we receive nourishment from this lush planet then we exhale we give nourishment back and this is used as fuel for trees and plants.

So that’s the whys and wherefores, here’s your super simple cleansing tool:

This lowers cortisol levels in the body. High levels of cortisol can cause excess fat around the waist area, mental and physical tension/anxiety and sugar cravings.
Make some sacred space for yourself. Silence your phone, open a window for a little fresh air, find a place you will not be disrupted for 5-10 mins and maybe even light some candles.
Find a comfortable seated position. Be it on a chair, kneeling, legs outstretched or if you so wish Padmasana (lotus position). Keep the front and back of your spine long. Creating space between each vertebrae.
4:4:8 Breathing
Breathe in for 4 beats
Hold for 4 beats
Exhale for 8 beats
It’s that simple!

Make sure you don’t strain your breath as if you do, you are also straining your heart- they’re the same system. So free and easy breathing! So get inhaling that new energy into your body and let go long and hard all the old stuff you no longer need.

Love and Loadsa Light
Becca xxx