Yoga: Sun Salutations

  1. Yoga:  Sun Salutations

  1.Start by entering your body, connect to your breath-the sacred flow of life within you. Long smooth inhales, releasing any tensions with smooth, full exhales. Standing in mountain pose – tadasana (hands at heart or by the sides palms forward)

2. Inhale arms over head, ribs stay down and in – earthing the heart.

3. Bend forward.

4-Take it all the way down, till your palms are on the floor.

5-Look up see the horizon.

6-Step 1 foot back into a lunge. Front knee over ankle.

Steps 7-9 are an extra for those wanting to push themselves. if you are a complete beginner to Yoga move straight to No.10.

7-Step other foot back into a plank position. slight rounding of the lower back to lock on pelvic abdominal (back protection)

8-Knees come down to floor, but NOT the hips or head.

Lower heart towards the earth. Elbows stay OVER the wrists, try not to let them bend backwards. Shoulders only lower down elbow height. Chaturanga (strong position).

9-Raise upper body, elbows bent for cobra-bhujangasana and hips down. Heart open wherever you are.

yoga10-Chin in then belly and hips lift into downward facing dog.

11-Inhale as you step same foot forward we started on into lunge.

yoga12-Exhale step to the front of your mat folding forward, knees bent a little or a lot. Hands to the floor or resting on the shins.

13-Inhale and rise up, reach high & palms touch above the head.

yoga14-Exhale back where you started to repeat on the other side, taking the opposite leg back. 

By Rebecca Keenaghan

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