Your Skin Will Be Perfect After Birth. Tips, Secrets


Your Skin Will Be Perfect After Birth. Tips, Secrets.

Worried about how your skin is going to react after birth? Get ready to handle everything that comes your way with these tips and tricks we prepared for you!

As opposed to after birth, during pregnancy, a significant number of uncontrollable hormones are flying throughout all your body. That means unwanted stretch marks, blotchy facial skin, sore legs, and nasty acne. Besides buying the best humidifier for baby, find what other tips and tricks you can apply to make you after birth life easier.

Blotchy Skin

It is most likely that you will notice, during your pregnancy, that brownish or yellowish patches are starting to appear exactly around the T-zone, nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks. This phenomenon occurs because of the estrogen and progesterone hormones that are rushing in your body, and they end up increasing the number of melanin cells.
To counter this as much as possible, avoid staying directly in strong sunlight as this will further increase the melanin cells. Just apply a thin layer of sunscreen to be protected at all times. This measure can be used even after birth.

Stretch Marks After Birth

The main concern of many pregnant women is the appearance of stretch marks after birth, which can be unattractive. To put in simple medical terms, this happens because the skin loses collagen and elastin. They will recover, though, after birth.
We would like to go through a couple of possible reasons that can cause their appearance:

  • Hereditary – It was found that some people have a genetic proneness to stretch marks after birth. If case your sisters or mother have developed stretch marks, chances are you will also have them.
  • Continuous skin stretching – Normally, they tend to appear around the belly, buttock, and hips area during your pregnancy. They are also found in people who suffer a sudden change in weight.
  • Inadequate hydration and nutrition – Skin that is hydrated and supple will resist better to stretching, even after birth. Therefore, you need to make sure your body is hydrated at all times and apply a special stretch cream. We recommend this practice after birth, as well.

To reduce the chances of after birth stretch marks, start a skincare treatment early, when you are 4-8 weeks into the pregnancy, don’t wait until after birth. Drink a lot of water and massage affected areas regularly, using a quality massage oil so that the blood circulation and skin elasticity are increased.

Hair After Birth


First of all, do not color or dye your hair during pregnancy, as the vast majority of these products have a lot of toxic chemicals that may possibly harm your unborn.
Many pregnant women notice changes in the texture of their hair, like curly hair straightening out, dry hair becoming brittle, or oily hair that gets even greasier.
If you find your hair to be more brittle with time, that is triggered by the lack of protein in your body, which can last even after birth. A counter move to this phenomenon is to use a rich organic conditioner.

There are tons of tips and tricks for the afterbirth period, so don’t sweat it if you notice changes in your body, as it is a normal thing to happen. If you do your research and follow a couple of disciplines, your skin should recover to its initial state. What tips and secrets did you apply for your skin after birth? Feel free to share your experience with the new mothers out there!

Author’ Bio: Beatrice Callan is a part-time writer and part-time volunteer at the local shelter for the homeless. She is kind and compassionate, a single mother of two, who enjoys devoting her free time to local volunteering activities and on road trips with her children.

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